Interview with Sarah Coey

Interview with Sarah Coey 
Ik leerde Sarah kennen via Instagram.  Ik likete haar veelkleurige schilderijen.  Ze maakten me blij.  Al die leuke en levendige kleurtjes.  Ik vroeg mij af wie de persoon was achter die toffe schilderijtjes.  Op een bepaald moment heb ik haar gefeliciteerd met haar werk en ze antwoordde me heel vriendelijk terug.  We geraakten aan de praat via Instagram en ik vroeg haar of ik haar een interview via mail mocht sturen.  Ze was direct erg enthousiast en hieronder lees je het resultaat.  Ik laat het in haar moedertaal.  Ze is Schotse.  Ze woont in Stirling.
I met Sarah on Instagram.  I liked a lot her paintings which were very colourful.  They made me happy.  I was curious to know the person behind this talent.  One day I chatted with her about her paintings and I told her that I liked her work very much.  She answered me very kindly and I asked her if I could interview her.  She was delighted and so I send her an e-mail with my questions.  And here follow her answers….
 1. When did you start to paint?
 I started painting as soon as I could draw! I’ve always painted and have loved art from a young age. Whether it was colouring in or drawing or doodling I was always creative.
2. How do you choose your colours?  Does it depends on your mood or the moment of the day?  Or something else?
 I choose my colours based on my mood. Sometimes I know I just have to use a certain colour but other times I just go with the flow. Both are exciting!
3. What paint do you use?
 I use a variety of acrylics and inks. Some are high end but others are bargain basket buys!
4. Do you paint on canvas, wood or something else?
I primarily paint on canvas but I’m itching to try wood!
5. You could use your paintings to make wallpaper?  or giftpaper?  What do you think?
At present I’m not planning to put my work into gift paper etc but this is something I’d love to do in future! Right now my main focus is opening my online shop.
6. What education did you get to paint?
I have a degree in Fine Art from DJCAD in Dundee but this wasn’t just painting. It was printmaking, woodwork, metal work, sculpture, drawing and painting. I loved it! But the style that I developed and you know of was one that I developed organically in my spare time. It was experimental and has evolved over a few years.
7. Where do you live?  Does this place helps you to get some inspiration?
 I live in Scotland and I adore the landscape! The scenery and seasons absolutely influence my work. The colours and views are breathtaking here!
8. Do you give workshops or lectures about your art?
 Not at present as I’m expecting a baby next month but hopefully in the future!
9. Do you paint with children sometimes?  
  I love teaching children to paint and their outlooks and open attitude is unbelievably inspirational!

Dear Sarah

I was  really very happy with your answers. They were  very interesting. Thank you very much. I’m sure my friends like your work a lot.  I wish you all the best and good luck with your baby.

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